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Johanna Linnea Karlsson

England, but born in Sweden.

Johanna Linnea Karlsson

England, but born in Sweden.

Grew up by the Swedish seaside, decided to move to England a while ago.

I came upon K Drama by accident during summer 2017, the first Drama I watched was Saimdang : Light's Diary, then I instantly went looking for more of the same, the very same European website had Slave Hunters (Korean) and the rest is history. I spent a lot of time at IMDB going through drama recommendations by people who had watched the same Drama I had... 
Suddenly I had tallied up over 2,300 hours of K and C Drama (don't know how that happened)
At this point I've pretty much put all Western drama on hold (until Game of Thrones is back)
It's funny how a little summertime entertainment, can become your obsession.

I am now branching in to J Drama too and always looking for recommendations of actors to look for and shows that are top quality.

My recs for 2017 are;

Because This Is My First Life
Queen For Seven Days
Bride of Habaek
My Only Love Song
Eternal Love (10 miles of peach blossoms)
Princess Agents
General and I
Love Lost In Times (story starts ep 5)

My Recs. for 2018 so far:

Just Between Lovers
Something In The Rain
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?
Miss Hammurabi 
Mr Sunshine 
Cone and Hug Me
Legend of Fu Yao 
Bloody Romance
Secrets of Three Kingdoms
Ashes of Love 
Rise of Phoenixes
Hand: The Guest
100 Days, My Prince
Story of Yanxi Palace
Ever Night

I'll be adding more as I go.



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