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✨Alchemy of Souls ✨ Immortal Samsara ✨ LLTG ✨ 

I live in sunny Miami, Florida with my lovely hubby and our two adorable cocker spaniels, Mochi & Gigi.  From 2009-2013 I lived in Asia (Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Tokyo) My taste is all over the place. I watch literally everything! Kdrama’s, Cdrama’s…..  romance, fantasy, historical, zombie, romcom, thriller...I have a special soft spot for Xianxia. The more absurd and ANGSTY the better! I really love to cry. Happy tears, Sad tears, angsty tears..… My husband knows what I’m watching just by hearing the music and crying from another room.  I spend a lot of  time at home watching and rewatching my favorite drama’s to decompress and escape from  the stresses of real life.

The various stages of a dramaholic 

*Most Underrated Kdrama*

Arthdal Chronicles:

Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Politics

My life's mission is to convince people to watch this drama. Please watch it. I beg you. 

And Wait There's More...

Go Watch This Masterpiece Now! You Won’t  Regret It!

Arthdal Chronicles
Crash Landing on You
Take of Nokdu
Start Up
30 Still 17
Are You Human Too?
Flower Crew: Marriage Agency
Alchemy of Souls 
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
My Country: The New Age
100 Days My Prince
Move to Heaven
Bloody Heart
The Crowned Clown
 Flower of Evil

Ancient Love Poetry 
The Rise of Phoenixes
Immortal Samsara
Bloody Romance
Legend of Fei

Eternal Love TMOPB
Ashes of Love
The Legends
The Blue Whisper
Begin Again


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