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The King in Love korean drama review
The King in Love
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by Ka-F
Jan 28, 2018
40 of 40 episodes seen
Overall 7.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 7.0
King in Love. A very painful story of how Won came to love San more than himself. I think the writer of this drama hid clues that only if you could analyze them you can understand what was really happening in the story. And, for me, Won and San has always been the main love story in the drama. The reason of all the conflicts in the drama, aside from political issues, is that Lin also fell in love with San.

I will start with Lin. I love his friendship with Won. It was wrong that he fell in love with the prince's woman. However, it was too late when he realized that he was wrong. Some of his decisions and actions were because of his feelings for San. I get this part of the story when his father, the chancellor, was lecturing about greed and lust, the father look at Lin and not at his brother. Both of them committed the same mistake of greed and lust for San (and as for Wang Jeon for position of crown prince). Lin admitted what he did was wrong during the scene at the hut, Lin apologized for falling in love with San as he get the seal from her. There are times that Lin could easily tell Won everything he has been discovering, he always just decides not tell so. And, I always hate him for that. Maybe, he's feelings for San was just affecting his decision-making.

Won is my favorite character. He is the most selfless and trusting person in the whole story. The way he saves Lin and his family all the time even we know he is starting to develop his feelings with San. He is also the smartest among all characters. I just love smarter people more. Haha. My favorite scene was when he stopped San's wedding. That was heart-stopping. Haha. If I was San, damn!

San made viewers confused on who she really has feelings. I think it was the writer and director thing. I always believed that the person she loves is Won. He loves Won so much she cannot let him lose his friend Lin. That't the focus on the beginning of the story. She was always worried of Won. And the only person that stop her from getting revenge was Won.

I always feel bad for Won. But, at the end when it is revealed that San never really left Goryeo and waited for him. Then, after 7 months he stepped down as King and left for Yuan. My imagination tells me, he went to San and had a happy life with her in Yuan.

The drama has well-defined characters, awesome cinematography, and has really depicted a very nice story of love and friendship in a very painful way. The ost was okay. Rewatch value, not so much. There were a lot of times I put this drama on-hold. Anyway, I still came to finish it.

The whole story is very deep you have dive in to understand everything. San is Won's falcon, he set her free and came back for him again at the end. :)
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