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My name is Karoline, i'm 17 years old and from Norway.

I love dramas. More specifically K-dramas ( i haven't tried watching any other asian dramas yet, i don't have enough time to get into something new haha). My favourite actor is Park Seo-joon and my favourite actress is Gong Hyo-jin. I got into K-dramas in the end of 2015 and i don't really remember exactly how i found out about K-dramas. The first K-drama i ever watched was "Boys over flowers". I remember watching it and thinking it was the best drama in the world but then seeing it again later on and being like "dafaq? I liked this?". I mean "Boys over flowers" is a classic and a good drama, but there's a lot of weird things that happened (and the style omg, Lee Min ho with perm and a fur coat) in that drama that made me go "dafaq?" when i rewatched it haha. (I'm starting to write a whole review in my bio now so let's move on)

I also really like K-pop<3 

I like BTS, VIXX, AKMU, EXO, Block B, Astro, Got7, Monsta X, Infinite, EXID, BIGBANG, SHINee, Sistar, Cross gene and seventeen. 

Besides from watching k-dramas and listening to k-pop, i love music and singing ( in general).

I love rock (i listen to emo rock, pop rock, punk rock and 80's rock for the most part). Music from early 2000 was the best. 

I also really like to talk and hang out with friends, i like to watch youtube and i like to do pretty much anything that doesn't involve me actually having to leave my bed.


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