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The Golden Eyes chinese drama review
The Golden Eyes
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by Kazokuk5
Apr 6, 2019
56 of 56 episodes seen
The Golden Eyes chinese drama review
Overall 5.0
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 4.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 2.0
This review may contain spoilers
First off, i like Lay and i watch this because of him. Of course the summary sounds interesting and i like fantasy genre so i started to watch this. No matter how much i like Lay i got to comment on his acting here. His character is those type that are suppose to be cool, calm and usually doesn't talk much unless when solving various problems and stuff. This side of him is fine and i enjoy the eye candy but whenever he is acting angry or "sick" or sad i get really cringy. I totally can't feel him being angry except his face being "i am angry!" (breathing heavily) or "i am so sick i am going to faint" (then proceed to drop on the floor). Partly i guess is because of the storyline but i get really irritated on the number of times he is so weak during the whole drama but of course somehow still solve all the problems and becomes the hero. The female lead too makes me frustrated with her acting and character (this i won't blame her since it is the writer's fault) but still her acting is not any better than Lay. Other characters acting are just so-so. Their acting are so awkward that it make some parts really cringy for me to watch and i can't focus on the story at all.

Moving on to the story. I will try not to spoil too much. The story started off predictable and nothing much capture your attention. Most of the characters make you feel exasperating. (I will start using their character's name now). MFF character is awkward in the beginning and by the end of the show her character doesn't seems to progress much either. She is suppose to be a clever policewoman but ends up just relying on ZR all the time. As for ZR, he is the Main character of the whole show but i don't feel for him at all when he is sad or angry or whatever which is bad. It means that i am just not into the show. Half is because of his acting and half is the character problem i guess. He is so overly nice to everyone, always forgiving and you know those kind that get betray often and etc that it is kinda boring. He is smart and clever but sometimes it doesn't makes sense how he knows all the answers to whatever problems they are facing but anyhow this is a drama so let's just skip that. HFY/XY the best friend is totally annoying. He likes to butt into everything even when he knows nothing. However i like his character as the story progress, for the very least his character bring some joy and funny moments. At the end of the show i do like him and the way he always say "we as rich guys... " QXB is consider the most believable character and quite okay as the antagonist but the acting part is still awkward especially when she is suppose to be hurt or grieving. It will be too long to comment on each character so i will just stop at these main ones. Btw, if you are looking for romance then look away because this has like 10% only. I can't really feel the chemistry between the two main lead and their progress is so slow. I was like waiting for at least something romantic happen but nothing at all which i kinda feel disappointed as a viewer. Anoher thing i really dislike are the flashbacks. My gosh, these flashbacks take like half of the episodes and worst these are repetitive flashbacks! I watch the same flashbacks over and over again for so many times. I just skip through it and i don't even care if i skip the present part anymore. As the story goes on, it gets a bit interesting in the middle but very soon it gets boring again because of the repetitive pattern. Always on an adventure to search for something but bad guys are always following then they will get caught almost each and everytime then on repeat. In between the different arc of the story, the way the character act sometimes or how the story progress is so illogical that i am just speechless.

Last but not least, be prepare for the ending.
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