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Ojakgyo Brothers
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by KdramaQueen89

Mar 4, 2012
58 of 58 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
Ojakgyo Brothers may seem like an impossible task but its worth taking on I promise! Story- The first couple episodes sets up the plot and storylines for everyone. I’d say it took me about 5 episodes before I saw myself wanting to see more. I do have to say the writers did a fantastic job. When the story was funny it was hilarious and when it was dramatic you felt the emotions. My favorite part of the writing though was definitely the subtle comedy. I found myself laughing like an idiot whenever something random happened. I liked that each brother had their own loveline and enjoyed watching each one develop. Although the UEE/Joo Won pairing was just too cute! In the end everyone gets their happy ending. That’s not to say it was all sunshine and rainbows throughout, cause everyone had their fair share of drama… Acting/Cast- Perfectly casted. I liked that everyone got their time to shine. This family felt like they were really a family in real life. I wanted to live on the Ojakgyo farm! Lol. I thought UEE did a fantastic job playing the naïve but temporal Ja Eun. Loved all the brothers. The rest of the supporting cast was awesome as well. Just loved everyone=) Music- Really liked the score. When it was suppose to be light and funny they had this awesome weird music played that really added to the effect and when it would come on I knew something hilarious/random was about to happen. The ost was good but nothing I’d listen to outside the show. Rewatch- The episode count is quite large so because of that I’d probably put off watching this for about 2 years. Overall I’d say Ojakgyo Brothers is the best family drama I have seen and it’s a must watch. You will definitely be entertained and fall in love with all the characters=)
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