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I Need Romance 2
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by KdramaQueen89

Aug 12, 2012
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
So I never saw the first season (billed actors didn’t attract me enough and I don’t like dramas that are associated with “Sex and the City). However the fact that Lee Jin Wook (I keep tabs on him) was back in first lead role status definitely put the second season on my radar even if I didn’t like the main female lead actress( hated her in Que Sera Sera)… Story: I loved the idea that the 2 main leads had a history for a really long time before they broke up. I didn’t think it could be romantic watching their journey back to each other but man did I eat all that angst up. I also enjoyed the romances of the main female character’s 2 friends.The plot is really simple though but if you love romance than this is a drama for you! The ending though is a bit unrealistic but i dont care cause im a sucker for happy/cheesy endings=) Acting/Cast: Like I said I didn’t like Jung Yu Mi in Q.S.S but have seen a movie she was in and I’ll admit she is a pretty good actress. She definitely changed my opinion of her as she made her character in this drama really likable. I wouldn’t mind seeing other things she does in the future. When it comes to our first male lead Lee Jin Wook, I thought he was perfectly casted as he made his sometimes jerky character human and just very likable. I was soo obsessed with them being together because their chemistry felt so intense but I liked that it didn’t seem forced. As for the second male lead Kim Ji Suk, I'm just going to say it now; I didn’t like him! I don’t know if its his acting style or his character(came off really obsessive/too eager) but yeah lets just say I wasn’t rooting for him at all to get the girl. When it comes to the supporting cast, I didn’t know the actresses who played the female lead’s friends but I loved their characters and also the actors that played their loved interests. Everyone had chemistry as far as friendships and romances goes. Music: I wasn’t expecting to get an OST that I could put on my ipod out of this but I just really enjoyed the songs (gave off an indie vibe). Rewatch: The drama feels short and since I had a lot of fun watching the first time I wouldn’t mind watching this every year. Overall I Need Romance 2 is a very easy breezy watch with realistic characters.
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