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I was discreetly evading the drama plunge, because I knew once it caught up with me it'd be a boom. And thanks to that, now it's so much better to discover because everything is new!

(I've several other Asian films already in my 'watched' rucksack, but I'll only be adding those seen from the drama starting point.)

· Descriptions for the scores and the first completed series for each ·

10 - I love it exactly the way it is. There isn't a thing I'd want to change. / Arthdal Chronicles
[9.5 - A single thing failed me, yet I adored it. / Sungkyungkwan Scandal]
9 - If there were flaws, the memorable good in it compensated them highly. / Saimdang
[8.5 - Beginning or ending not fully satisfying, but it impressed me. / Memories of the Alhambra]
8 - Tremendously enjoyable even if maybe not great in every aspect. / Ashi Girl
7 - Notorious in parts, although uneven enough in others to notice. / Search: WWW
6 - l liked watching the show, but its shortcomings got to define it. / Goddess of Fire
4 - Here begins the realm of what I would've better not watched whole. My Only Love Song

~ Little Personalised Awards Section ~

Most Memorable : Sungkyungkwan Scandal
Universe Complexity & Most Epic : Arthdal Chronicles
Best Quality OST :  Chicago Typewriter
Best Image & Setting : Mr. Sunshine

Other Imagined Rankings

Dramas I Adored Watching: 1) Sungkyungkwan Scandal, 2) Chicago Typewriter, 3) Arthdal Chronicles

Top Net Quality: 1) Mr. Sunshine, 2) Arthdal Chronicles, 3) Chicago Typewriter

~Favourite Songs~ 
Chicago Typewriter · Full OST / Satellite, Blooming Memories
Mr. Sunshine · Days Without Tears, My Home


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