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The first Kdrama I ever watched was "The Great Queen Seondeok"  which appeared on Netflix.
I found it by accident.   Up until then I never saw a tv show that its actors were all Asian. Korean.
And in this drama the costumes were amazing,  and the soldiers were wearing armor of type, and carrying swords and arrows.  I thought it was beautiful.  I thought the people were beautiful.
And there was  a lot of martial arts.  The child actors were amazing, as were all actors.  This was an epic that totally blew me away and got me hooked on Korean dramas.

The next drama I found was Chuno . Eventually I realized that all the stuff I used to watch before K Dramas was boring.  I subscribed to DramaFever in 2012 and later added Viki in 2014.  I purchased a streaming device to send the shows to my tv.  
Now I almost never watch American tv now, or even British or Canadian TV, except for some Sci Fi.  I find American tv to be crass and shallow.  There's no story, just they hit you in the face with sex and violence right away.  There's no feeling, nothing to make you care about the story.
The only english shows I'm interested in right now are The Handmaid's Tale and WestWorld.

I've grown to love Chinese dramas, especially Wuxia, Fantasy and Historical.  My most recent favorite is The Secret of Three Kingdoms  - I loved everything about it - the production was amazing, the acting great, and the pacing very smooth.  Each episode made you want to see the next yet you still feel satisfied at the end of each episode.  
I like dramas that are unforgettable.  Many dramas I watch I forget about after, but there are many that I still think about - and especially certain scenes.  Six Flying Dragons stays with me to this day, the angst of the people, the desire of the Prince and other leaders to help the people, the epic fight scenes, the diverse characters, so colorful! Even the music, especially the folk songs, really touched me, impacted me.

I've watched quite a few Lakorns as well, Sawan Biang 2008 - a classic that each time re-watched you see something that you missed. Kawee's character development was interesting.  It was fun to watch Rin neatly put him in place every time he was out of line.  The genius of acting by Ken and Anne was amazing.

Well, I'll stop here, you get the point, I love Asian dramas and that's it.  


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