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The saddest revenge soundtrack. 

Started out watching series from Japan, then started watching series from South Korea and then China. Random taste in different series. Have not seen alot of movies from Asia as there are less available  for free.

I am currently studying Mandarin, have previously studied Japanese. 

How do I rate dramas? I rate things based on how much I enjoy it. If I don't like it enough to finish it I don't rate. So most of my ratings are around 8 or higher, mostly not lower because lower then 8 tends to mean I don't really enjoy it that much and sees it as  a chore to finish. I don't rate dramas I drop either and tend not to put them on my list.

My favorite Chinese actress is Zhao Lusi, and whenever I look at her I smile.  Recent addition is He Xuanlin. When it comes to korean actors I have quite a few. Moon Chae Won, Kim Ji Won and Chae Soo Bin among others.

Other then being a dramaland fan I am a gamer, big fan of Star Wars, musicals and reader.


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