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missing tantai jin & li su su a lot


missing tantai jin & li su su a lot

25 (she/her) asian (chinese/korean), me and my family came to the  USA  when i was 8 years old. i  love watching dramas since when i was around 6 years old, and my first ever drama watching was in 2004. 
oh, but i got the account here only in 2022 so what you see in my profile aren’t all the asian dramas i have ever watched in my life, hehe.

 i speak 3 main languages.

i love all geners but my favorite are historical romance, BLs, bromance, medical romance,  historical romance xianxia and wuxia, modern fantasy/history romance and revenge centered stories.

i have several mental illnesses, which makes me almost impossible to have a “socially normal”  life. therefore, i like to watch dramas because the time i spend watching a series or even just one episode, i feel in my own little world, and i feel good in it. I LOVE K-POP AS WELL! 


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