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My favorite genre(s) are mystery thrillers, detective/investigation, and Tokusatsu dramas. I am open to a variety of genres, but I would prefer these three.

I am a completionist and would, therefore, try to find and watch the complete drama set. This includes, but is not limited to, all of the specials, movies, spin-offs, and music for that drama/tv series. I also try to watch the anime that the live-action drama was adapted from/based on.

I try to avoid dropping or marking dramas as "not interested". Dramas that I have dropped are those that I cannot find in the English sub, English dub, or raw file. Dramas marked as"not interested" are dramas that have been canceled. I would like to keep a record of these canceled dramas, but would not like to keep them under "Plan to Watch"

Feel free to message me any questions, recommendations, or if my dropped dramas are available online!

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