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Poland / Germany


Poland / Germany

Hello! :)

 I'm big fan of Asian dramas . I first ran across Asian dramas and movies, thanks to Chinese Wuxia films ("Hero" is my fav <3 ). I was "caught" by Hallyu and I don't regret! ^.^

My favourite category of dramas are historical dramas (I love history and Asian costumes / sceneries / architecture)!

I'm also in love with Asian national costumes (hanfu, hanbok, kimono, saree, áo dài) and I'm running Tumblr blog dedicated to Asian national costumes (check it out if you have time :) ). Also I love to read books (historical, fantasy, sf) and ofc books which action took place in Asian region :)

List of completed Asian dramas, movies and specials:

2018 / 2017 / 2016 / 2015
2014 / 2013 (or uncertain date)

My blogs:

Chronicle of dreamed lands... (my gaming blog)

Asian national costumes (my blog about Asian costumes)

Turtel's quiet corner... (my "anything I like blog" - mostly dramas nowadays)

I think all my favourite characters have something in common:

long hairs and awesome sword fighting skills :D

♥♥♥ ~ My all-time beloved Oppas ~ ♥♥♥

Park Hyung Sik (left) / Yoo Seung Ho (right)

Other favourite characters:

Wang Rin (by Hong Jong Hyun ) / Li Jing (by Zhang Vin)

My favourite drama OTP:

Ahn Min Hyeok Do Bong Soon

Feel free to add me as friend or recommend some nice dramas :)


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