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Hi, I'm Sheila! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! 

My parents have gotten me addicted to Asian dramas since I was young - starting with Hong Kong police dramas. From there, my love of dramas have spiraled out of control from Chinese historicals, Taiwanese rom-coms, Korean melodramas, to Japanese manga adaptations. I'm still slowly sorting through the database and rewatching old dramas (rediscovering old gems - hence my huge list of dramas I've placed on hold), but please do give me recommendations - especially any good dramas since 2012 or any old classics I've missed!

A link to my list of animes watched:

And, because I'm also addicted to British and American shows:

Other hobbies I love:

  • Photography (I take too many photos of everything for my own good LOL!)
  • Travel (I just spent 2017 travelling to several countries, so I'm always down to chat about vacationing!)
  • Music (singing and dancing are my loves)
  • Writing (been working on and off on a writing project on Instagram)
  • Wandering around art installations for my next inspiration
  • And, if you can't already tell, I love watching videos - be they TV shows, dramas, movies, shorts. Anything with good plot, character development, or cinematography <3


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