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Amsterdam | Tunisia


Amsterdam | Tunisia

                         currently on vacation bad internet 26 july - somewhere in octobre I'll be back 


Do You Love Asian Drama's?



 Are You Addicted to Asian Drama's?  


Do you Marathon for 16 hours straight sometimes?

and look like this?


                                                 Yes?   little-bear-nodding-yes-smiley-emoticon. 


        Wanna be chingos/Nakamas? 


                              Add me Let's be both Addicted AF 



My biggest CRUSH <3  I swooooon over her


sorry I was busy kissing my screen *cough* anyway 

  •   I'm sou , feminist, 22 years old I was born and raised In Holland but originally im Tunisian  

 former British/American Tv shows Binger 

Now Anime and Asian drama 

My gateway to Korean drama was 

(which 80% of k-drama fans lost its virginity to ||  boys over flowers ||60a460ff-11e0-43b9-acef-f0dce4f3ea0e.giftumblr_n0rdnxbeOd1ska3omo1_500.gif

in 2012 was the first time it was recommended to me but I wasn't that interested but i acted like I did so I don't hurt the feelings of the person who recommended me the drama 

plus I didn't like to watch something with subtitles I was lazy AF                             berneydidnotread.gif?1318992465goo-joon-pyo.gif?w=584 1_3_The_big_bang_theory_overload-s500x23

a year later (2013)  all the TV shows I was watching we're  finished and I had to wait for the next season , at that moment I went to Youtube to search some trailers and I found my self listening to Gangnam style ,

Jerry+Listening+to+Music.gif 2rfsodk.jpgtumblr_m9p96hnQVc1qgy3iwo1_500.gif

then Google searches turned me to Boys over flowers  but I had slow Internet which made me hate what I was watching  I watched on Viki so the video won't load if I wait 

  • tumblr_m6yce2rDRa1raei82o1_400.gifeyes-bursting-1-know-your-meme_142820614
  • but it did caught my attention until later that year where I decided that I wanted to watch it ..and I did...and it was magnificent , in 2014 Was the start of k-drama during that year I only watched Korean drama's      The Old and The new                                                             tumblr_mzm9zflfSw1scrs51o1_500.giftumblr_mzm9zflfSw1scrs51o1_500.giftumblr_mzm9zflfSw1scrs51o1_500.gif

then I decided I wanted more ...


 then came Japanese drama's  So the Korean drama tomorrow cantabile began to air and I heard there was Japanese version so I started with the Japanese version at the time it was the weirdest drama I have ever seen because of the effects they did 

(I've seen weirder now)  || Nodame Cantabile ||


I love everything about Japanese drama's the accent the way they speak i don't know how to explain but since I watched one piece I loved that language so much,  in the Japanese world I've Watched anime more then drama's so if you have any  drama recommendation feel free to message me (if you got far reading this) 



Then came Taiwanese drama my first was

                                      Love Around ..


I loved it so much but I didn't  like the accent much which annoyed me ... not anymore though I tried to stick with it and now im used to it and i suddenly found it a beautiful language


Here are Dancing Cat's 



   tumblr_m4exjpQEGl1qdlgm5o1_500.gif  under-construction.giftumblr_ne9n48NBbg1tzms7wo1_400.gif

                           im fixing it soon with my favorite actors and crushes 

now its a random slide-show 


Here You'll Find my Favorite Scenes of drama's And More

                                                                                           this is new and cute                  BONG SOON - A CYBORG IN LOVE


I suddenly find myself thinking I don't do that often  went back for this and made a gif out of it while I was watching I forgot all about it I don't know why I remembered after a long time 


THIS BED IS LIFE-GOALS for all you thirsty people im talking about the actual bedroom *wink*

hahahahah *wink wink*I literally just paused and made a gif out of it small-angel-smiley-emoticon.gif


She is so cute I wanna pinch her cheeks  animated-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif


I was so high that this scene made me laugh the entire episodetoke.gif

h3.gifNow Who doesn't love these duo      red-neck-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif                                                             


                                      Ha Ji Won My Crush she is WANJEON PERFECT     wow.gif                                              tumblr_lg9c5uyuo71qeiml6.gif

Hyun Bin  Was Not The Only one who fell in love with her at first sight That scene  love2.gif


Ji Sung I have no words for him I LOVE HIM EXCELLENT ACTOR


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This is my  - Twitterrrrr Mostly Ranting about Life feminism and such 

And This is my  - Tumblrrrr nothing much really Im new and still figuring out what the hell im supposed to do 

Im kinda new to both of them so at the moments its kinda empty but Soon I'll manage them 


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