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Chillin' in Gusu


Chillin' in Gusu

❝Nice to meet you!❞

"Ignoring the busy road, I will stick to my single-plank bridge" 

Wei Wu Xian

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 A little bit about moi 

is a twenty-three-year-old child
goes by she/her
is an aquarius
is an INTJ-T

has an abundance of fictional crushes

 What I watch 

I currently prioritize BL series, mostly from Thailand/South Korea/Japan. Other than that, I've got a thing for Kdramas, and sometimes a solid Chinese drama.

My most watched genre is romance, with the most used tags being LGBTQ+ related and happy ending.


I can practically watch any series from any genre and from any country. I am not picky, at least I don't think so, but of course I have preferences.

For example: Thai Lakorns I hardly ever watch because of the abusive nature and toxicity of 90% of the relationships depicted.

Happy endings are not a must, but are greatly appreciated since I am a very emotionally unstable and empathic human being. A lil' hurting in the middle is fine, as long as everything turns out alright in the end.

- watch schedule -

 Likes and dislikes 

Happy endings
LGBTQ+ representation
Strong female leads
Nice male leads
Fantasy/supernatural/psychological stuff
Toxic/abusive leads
Parents who think they're all that
Hasty/sad endings
Villains with no depth
Anything (modern time) army related


 Relevant threads I've made 

Thai BL based on novels  • Thai BL actors who share nicknames


If you wanna be friends, feel free to send a request!

That's it for now. Blessed be.

This account is LGBTQIA+ and POC friendly


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