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AHmmm..About me=I'm an ordinary girl who fall in love with  BL.My 1st BL was Jonjou romantica and I fell in love with usagi  and Nowaki San .It'll always be my fav. BL ???????? .And my 1st novel was CALL ME BY YOUR NAME.I'm still mesmerized????????and Then I finally decide to watch real ones instead of animated and then I get obsessed with MENG RUI "Uncontrolled love" and I cried like hell cos I never thought it'll be a bad ending then at last I was at ease when i saw happy version one.I still love that movie.I didn't realize but I was already falling for BL addiction.I watched a lot till now which I can't even count but my best ones are SKAM (Isak and even) ,Like love????,Takumi kun,Shadow hunters (ONLY macalec),History(Crossing the line..brothers complex????). 

Being in a country where LGBT rights are still prohibited. It's really heart taking but I support LGBT with core of my heart.And I feel really hard to watch BL with sad endings.

My fav. Singer is Sam Smith and I love Ellen show.They are so fabulous. I 'll be in college soon don't know how far my addiction 'll go.LOVE to read manga (but only BL ones) ????????.And now it's hard to watch straight dramas or movies cos of my BL.????????.


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