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United Kingdom


United Kingdom

I am 54 and a huge fan of all East Asian dramas, movies, animes and mangas.  I have poor health and limited mobility so I find watching these and reading the manga really helps me on a bad day.  I have an 22 year old daughter who was the one who got me into all these 6 years ago; so I have a lot to thank her for. :)

My first Korean drama ever was 'Falling in Innocence' with Jung Kyung Ho and I was utterly hooked - so much so that I actually bought the (region free, English subbed) dvd.  This was swiftly followed by 'Kill Me, Heal Me' (I was rooting for Shin Se-gi), 'She was Pretty' (I had serious 'Second Lead Syndrome' there; though I did like the male lead (in the end, in the beginning I wanted to punch the face.....with a chair...for being so mean!) Yup, the second lead was more my style; he loved her no matter what. lol!:) Then 'High School King of Savvy'.  I'm a total romantic idiot - so I do tend to stick to the romance/drama genre; which could explain my current dehydration as I've cried at all the sad episodes, sad endings and just.....well, well as drooling at the simply stunning male stars.

I've got so addicted that I am currently learning Japanese (and not doing horribly actually).  I am happily married and have been for 28 of the 30 years I've known my wonderful hero of a husband.  I adore the Takumi-kun movies and from there I went to watch other BL movies and dramas.  As a person with very much loved lesbian cousin, whom I witnessed struggle in a less than accepting society as we grew up (she's 10 years younger than me), I wholeheartedly support the LGBT community; so much so we are all going to the local Gay Pride Day this year and have some fun - it's always a laugh and we have a great time and meet tons of brilliant people. :)

My favourite genres are: Romance, Vampire, Historical, Drama, Supernatural, Sitcom, Manga, Wuxia, Anime/Manga Live Action and BL/Yaoi - although I like all these to have a romantic overview.  I remember watching 'Heart to Heart' which had me sobbing so hard by the last few episodes that I woke my husband up; he thought someone in the family had died and he just hadn't heard the phone!!  Well, it was 3am, bless him! XD

If I can laugh, and make someone else laugh (whether with or at me, I'm not fussy) then I consider the day not wasted.  I think my favourite show at the moment is 'Love Me if You Dare' - it's brilliant and obviously Huo Wallace is not to be sniffed at both in acting ability and looks (though I actually really want ANDY; that car is just so damn cool).

I think the East Asian entertainment industry has a lot to be proud of - the stories are more engaging and the acting superior, even though the budgets are much lower.  I think the West could learn a lot.  Overall, I think I follow franchises, if you can call them that, where each Eastern country do their own version - Boys over Flowers; Itazaru na Kiss; Fated to Love You; You're Beautiful; Hana Kimi and Full House.....along with the myriad of Live Action versions of the animes/mangas.

I may not make it right into old age - then again I might.  But I want to look back and say "man that was FUN!!"


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