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Mila Kim

United Kingdom

Mila Kim

United Kingdom

Hello! I'm your hope, You're my hope! 

There is not much to say honestly, I've written so many bios like this over the years on the internet that I cannot make one that doesn't sound cringe tbh. But my DMs are always open on here or on Instagram in case you have any questions or just wanna say hi! :) Here is also a list of my current biases/groups I stan on the top of my head: K-pop multistan bias list . I just want to use this space to collect pretty banners and badges, hehe. Forever in love with Rien-sama's  badges & banners.<3 Here is some sort of top 3 in no particular order of my fave OSTs atm: Faves OSTs atm (updated)

Profile picture by my lovely bestie @pic_klesoup on Insta. Check out her amazing artwork! ☆

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