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Sup. 97-liner, med student majoring in laboratory science who just wants to watch her dramas to escape reality. 


I've been watching asian dramas since September 2011 because of Hyo (my bff irl <3). I can still remember our message conversation:

  • Me: Hi hyo what are you doing?
  • Hyo: I'm watching a korean drama
  • Me: Oh what's it called?
  • Hyo: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
  • Me thinking: "Oh that sounds cool" *goes watching it*

And that folks, is how it all started with the drama-watching, tho I had already seen tons of japanese and chinese movies before, just not dramas, I've heard of them and seen parodys but wasn't really interested ^^. MGIAG has a special place in my heart since it's my first drama, but I didn't fully complete it back then because I started watching City Hunter instead >.> 

1st Drama (2011) - My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

2nd Drama (2011) - City Hunter 

50th Drama (2014) - God's Gift 14 Days

100th Drama (2015) - Kill Me, Heal Me 

150th Drama (2016) - W - Two Worlds

200th Drama (2017) - Chicago Typewriter 

        250th Drama (2018) - Come and Hug Me

My ratings are based on how much I enjoyed it. What kind of feels it gives me. I'm a simple person, I don't like to complicate things. I see something, I like it, or dislike it. Every drama has flaws so instead of investigating, I try to enjoy. I mean I gave Yamada Kun to 7 nin no Majo an 8 (a nice example) bad quality, unrealistic, weird plot. But hey, I enjoyed it! 

Genres I like: Mystery, psychological, suspense, thriller, adventurous, investigation, historicals (chinese) and sometimes action, romcom, medical (yasss) (don't hesitate to recommend similar stuff to me!) 

I hate tho: Melodrama, political, overboard cliche dramas, ridiculous makjang (I cringed while writing this). Some melo and makjang are exceptions, when the plot/acting is good enough to carry the drama :) However makjang like falling into a pool causing you amnesia AINT ACCEPTABLE

After watching so many dramas, I have finally found my favorite drama character Lee Gang Doo♥ 

(Just Between Lovers)

He is the most relatable drama character I have ever seen. His character is so well written, also Junho did an outstanding job in the acting. He goes against ever k-drama cliche, he doesn't care what others think of him, he does whatever he wants, he is honest, wise, pure hearted, thinks rationally, knows how to act in different situations, doesn't let anyone bring him down, gives justice to people, the list goes on.. it's just.. his presence says a lot and gives you so many feelings. Let alone one of the best dramas I've watched ♥ Also one of the things he taught me was to never say what if, because the assumptions will neverend. Whatever happened already happened, and we shouldn't think of other things that could have happened instead. 

550470opln9i59wi.gifAlso I'm a huge catlover ^^  

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