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dramas finished in 2019, by order, I feel like this year will be even slower than last year, I'm graduating this summer so half of 2k19…

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trying to remember what dramas I saw during 11/12ahold timesno order cus who the hell would remember

On-Air Dramas I've seen
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airing dramas I've seen Dramas I've seen while they were On-Air (uh idk how to describe this, I hope you get it lel)listed in order…

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dramas I finished in 2018 by order

Dramas & Movies I've seen with Hyo~
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Dramas and movies I've seen together irl (and also watching at the same time but not together personally) with my little Hyo~Listed in order

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Famous well-known, everyone has seen it, classic, must-see dramas No order Ill add more soon

Collection of Favorite Movies
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No order Here is a collection of my all-time favorite movies! It's a mix of everything, from action and serious movies to sweet and fluffy…

All Time Worst Dramas
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People, Im saving your precious time with this list. Dont waste your time with these dramas.But I mean Im not forcing you not to watch this,…

30+ episode Dramas
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Here are dramas I've watched/watching that have more than 30 episodes (+ asadoras)~Long Drama List~In order

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these are my favorite male actorsI love them all equallythey are both really good at acting and good looking, yeaaa

Fluffy Movies/Dramas
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I know that everyone at least once have been craving for a fluffy movie or drama. You know, when you want to watch something that isnt so complicated,…

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peeps I wanna keep in my mind, stalk, see more of, peeps I've just noticedrising stars maybe

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dramas I completed in 2017 in order

College Dramas
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Dramas about college that I've seensorted by year

Hidden Gems
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There are some dramas that are very good and have potential, but they're just not so popular! By that I mean there are no good looking…

Dramas worth watching
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Here are well made dramas that I recommend you to watch! Which means they are all somehow my favorite dramasI usually recommend dramas that…

Ghosts Dramas
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Collection of drama's I've seen, that are about seeing ghosts/spirits order by yearidk why i did this

Best Historicals
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wether they are based on real stories or fiction, these are guuuuud no order

Favorite Dramas
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Honestly, idek what my favorite drama is, I seriously don't have a solid favorite..

Best Comedy Movies/Dramas
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These movies and dramas made me laugh my ass off, you should definitely see them xDDD

My Babies
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Literally.I want them all as my babies

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Not in order, love these girls so bootiful and here I am looking like a potato some are really great actresses I just love them so much, some…

Collection of Mini Dramas
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mini dramas I've seen in order, or I tried at least to put them in order of which one I saw first but my memory is vague so I tried my best…

Favorite Actors
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my babes I have a separate list for my fav actors and actresses

Guilty Pleasure Dramas
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We all probably have these hideous dramas that we still have a soft spot for; The Guilty Pleasure Dramas *dun* *dun* *dun* Dramas we shouldn't…

Handsome Ahjussi's
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my favorite daddies (according to Hyo lmao) no order

Winter Dramas
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Dramas filmed in winter, got some snow

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Completed dramas this year, in order

Underrated Dramas
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Okay there are a few dramas that some people can't see the true story behind them. Here are some dramas I thought were actually good that some…

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This list was originally made for the 100 Drama Challenge... Apparently I failed, but still it shows what and how many dramas I've seen in 2015…

Overrated Dramas
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These are dramas almost everyone is making a fuss about that they are DAEBAAKK no I think they are OK, I see nothing special with them. BOF:…