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Tehran _ Iran
You're So Beautiful
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by Myd

Jun 11, 2015
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Well , I don't know if it's only me , but I think when It comes to LONG dramas , the majority of audiences are MOMS ! Seriously , when this drama was shown in my country , my mom fell for it , and she kept saying : Hey why don't you watch this ?! the story is awesome ! O_O When I found out that it's a long melodrama I was somehow doubful cause usually they're not my type but to be honest the story attracted me ! A girl who's lived as a very - let's say - good and inoccent girl but suddenly falls into a situation that changes her whole life ! She finds out that she can't live like a mommy's girl anymore and this new life grows her up and makes her skin thicker and her heart stronger ! And meanwhile , there's a guy who unbelievably decides to help her ! Love at first sight , you know =)) ! the story is ... GOOD ! not great , but at least it gives you a reason to watch next Ep ! Yoon Se Ah who acted as the first role has an admirable way of acting ! I could feel she was drawn into her character ! The other actors were fine too but I hate it when a movie/drama tries hard to show someone's 100% bad or 100% good ! I mean this is not what happens in real world ! So creating the first male role character as a HEAVEN-SENT guy who hates money and prefers to work as a labor than accpeting money from his let's say - DEVIL - grandpa / and the second male role as the baddest man ever ... It was something I really wanted to change about this drama ! At last , watching this drama be prepared to see lots of cliche but because of the intresting story and some funny parts It's worth watching once ! and ... don't forget to recommend it to your moms Lol ! =))
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