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Tehran _ Iran


Tehran _ Iran
Night Flight
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by Myd

Jun 19, 2015
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Ok ! Well , writing the first review for this movie I feel a bit nervous .. but here we go : First of all , watching this movie be prepared to see any kind of obscenity and odium could be found in society ! in other words , this is an extremely bitter social melodrama with a very sharp and harsh way of protesting to the current problems of -not only Korean- but also the world's teens and youth ! I've read somewhere that director of this movie , has made it after seeing a CCTV video of a young boy crying before killing himself ! Knowing the fact that this story has a high chance of being a true one , gave me an special unforgettable feeling while watching this movie. The best thing about the story is that it's not specifically for Gay people or any other special group of human beings , I think It's the story we all can relate ! We all can feel how much we've changed during our puberty and some of us have changed so much that looking back at our childhood , It's very hard for us to recognize if we're the same person or not ! Actors are amazing ! It was really interesting for me to see how this older actors could greatly transfer the feelings of being a teen that you can hardly believe they're in their 20's ! Background music was good and dramatic ... And the ending ... Wow ! that's when you want to stand up and clap in tears ! (which I did :D) anyways , this is surly one of the best and moving social movies I've ever seen ! I'm sure it will stuck in my mind for a long long time ... I've already seen it 2 times in one day cause at the first time I was really in a SHOCK seeing that much violence , that I could hadly get the massage of movie ! I'm glad that It was choosen by the international film festivals as well , It's great to see how Korean Cinema Industry is getting more and more known by the world , and I think this movie a MUST SEE for all people !
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