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Tehran _ Iran


Tehran _ Iran
The Terror Live
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by Myd

Sep 5, 2015
Overall 8.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
<< A Single Location , Thriller Masterpiece ! >> We all have some expectation when It comes to a thriller action movie ! Well , there are always certain standards for stirring shocking action which won't let you leave your seat till the movie gets to the closing credits ! These standards (which were mostly defined by best-selling Hollywood action projects) are : shooting guns , breathtaking fights , cazy chasing cars , jumping from one building to another ... and many many other supper effective factors which turn almost any movie to a best-selling money-maker one ! But when it comes to "The Terror Live" , we see the whole movie is there to grin at all these factors using ONLY ONE ROOM AS LOCATION , focusing on it's admirable cinematography , Increasing suspension , greatly written dialogs , dramaticly amazing acting skills while referring to a cruelly ignored demand of an ordinary citizen who happens to cause a tragic hostage on Han River's bridge as a psycho kidnapper! When I started watching this movie , I had no idea what it was about ! I didn't know the story-plot or the casts ... and you know what , I'm glad I didn't ! I mean I'm not sure if I would watch it , knowing it's a single location thriller movie with unfamiliar actors ! I mean , I might have find it boring or even not worth it . But surprisingly , from the first moment until the very last , I was starring at the screen wide-eyed and open-mouthed , feeling so lucky to have the great chance of watching this movie by accident ! "Ha Jeong Woo" whom I was honored to know through this movie , couldn't stop showing his amazing acting skills ! He was naturaly confident and professionally expert at showing every kind of emotion and EXACTLY knew what he was doing in front of those cameras ! Cause the whole movie takes place in the room he's at , and the camera zooming is on his face for more than one hour , he had one of the hardest roles ever !!! the failure or the success for "The Terror Live" almost totally depended on him ... And he truly MADE IT ! Based on Wikipedia : This movie became a great hit as soon as it was released in South Korea . It was also goodly attentioned by foreign audiences and received many positive critiques from reviewers around the world. I'm pretty sure I'll watch this movie again and again , as it's the first and maybe last single location movie I enjoyed every second of ! And I recommend it to you and everyone else who's seeking for something SPECIAL and different to watch. At last let me send my Congrats to the director on his powerful and excellent way of directing.
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