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Takano Akira's embrace


Takano Akira's embrace

Hello everyone! 

I'm a part of the Sketchy BL Subbing Team.  Check us out here

I love to spend hours researching obscure dramas and movies.

Current Subbing Projects: 

I am a sucker for heart-warming content and dramas that don't celebrate toxic characters, but rather point out their toxicity and how wrong it is. For this reason, I don't mind when villains are toxic, since they are villains, but I absolutely cannot stand when toxic main leads who are supposed to be "good" win.

I am a huge fan of female-led action scenes and strong women (not just physically, but also mentally) and I hate when that tag is used for fake "strong" women who are in reality just toxic.

I try to be open to all kinds of genres and themes, but I am not a huge fan of endlessly romantic dramas with no plot or female characters existing just to be a romantic interest for the male characters. However, I do watch a lot of BL / GL series.

I love sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers! Sadly, sci-fi and fantasy usually tend to be very lack-luster or plagued with forced romance or any excessively romantic themes.

I also usually find slice-of-life dramas with no plot movement incredibly boring, but it also depends on the direction and the themes of the drama.

My favourites:

  • Revenge themes
  • Bromance
  • Characters with disabilities
  • Power struggles
  • Dramas with nature shots
  • Spies / agents
  • Martial arts and sword-fighting
  • Human empowerment
  • Found family tropes
  • Realistic action scenes
  • Good writing with very little plot holes even if the drama is low budget
  • Investigation

Favourite dramas, short series and movies that I completed:

South KoreaAvengers Social Club,  Move to Heaven, Matching! Boys Archery, Arthdal Chronicles, Kingdom, Light On Me, Stranger, Beyond Evil, Just Friends?, My Name, Night Light, Semantic Error 
Thailand Lovely Writer,  Something in My Room, Secret Crush On You , Dear Doctor, I'm Coming for Soul,  My Ride, Vice Versa 
Japan30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii,  His - Koisuru Tsumori Nante Nakatta, His, Restart After Come Back Home, Kieta Hatsukoi, Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko, Avalanche, Seirei no Moribito 1-3, BG: Personal Bodyguard, BORDER, Caution, Hazardous Wife, Life: Senjou no Bokura, Ossan’s Love: LOVE or DEAD, Kamisama no Ekohiiki,  Waru: Hataraku no ga Kakko Warui Nante Dare ga Itta? , Until Rainbow Dawn 
TaiwanA Thousand Goodnights, Be Loved in House: I Do, Because of You, HIStory2: Crossing the Line, Papa & Daddy, 49 Days With a Merman, Love’s Outlet, Mermaid Sauna, See You After Quarantine?, About Youth , DNA Says Love You, Danger Zone Chapter 1: The Dark Night   
ChinaMy Mr. Mermaid, Honey Sir
PhilippinesLike in the Movies , B X J Forever, Boys' Lockdown, In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kamusta at Paalam), Oh, Mando! 


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