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First off, a little about myself, I am a student right now, so I never really feel like I have time to watch anything. However, I am addicted to dramas and movies right now, so I try to watch something during my free time. I always try to watch at least one whole series on the weekend. I feel like I somehow manage to watch a decent amount of stuff though. This is probably because I am a master at procrastinating.

My favorite genre ever is romance. If it doesn't have a romance genre and/or tag then I most likely won't watch it. I do make exceptions though if the plot sounds interesting enough. I should also say I am a big fan of BL , that isn't all I watch, but I do feel like it takes up a large portion of my completed list. I absolutely do not like horror, so I probably wouldn't watch anything of that nature.  Also, tragedies, I try to stay way from those. I'm also not a big fan of action, thriller, mystery, detective, and stuff like that. I do watch that stuff and enjoy it, but I usually don't know what to expect in those types of shows, so they usually don't end up high on my priority list. Some other random tags I like are student/teacher, age gap (older male/ younger female or older male/ younger male), coma, amnesia, gay, and hidden identity. There are more but those are only a few. Oh, and I know this is weird to say but I don't like dramas with a lot of drama. For example, love triangles bring me to points of frustration that I don't like to feel. Plus, I don't like when nice second leads don't get happy endings, even if I do wish they would disappear if I want the female/male lead to end up with the other lead. Also, I prefer dramas that aren't too long because I like to binge shows.

 I also want to say not to rely too much on any of my ratings for things. I like things easily, especially if it is romance and has a happy ending. I'm also very swayed if the show or movie had a really deep, emotional message, even if it has an ending that is sad.

I'm currently working on my plan-to-watch list. I have a sticky note written down with everything, but it is so long, and I'm lazy, so I don't know how long it will take me to finish. I have some things I'm not sure if I actually want to watch or not, so I decided to add them under my plan-to-watch but with low priority.

Also, my On-hold list will most likely be movies that I want to watch, but can not find anywhere online to watch with English subtitles. There will be some exceptions though of things I really did put on hold though. If you happen to know where I can find any of these things please let me know.

I am also a fan of any kind of music whether it be American, KPOP, Chinese, Japanese, instrumentals, Opera you name it. There isn't some I like, but I'm pretty open. For relativity to this site, some of my favorite KPOP bands are BIGBANG, History, and Monsta X. I do like the couple of BTS songs I heard before, but I'd have to listen to more to say I'm a fan. Also, I love Wang Leehom, Wang Bowen, and Boy Sompob. I also really enjoy OSTs too. There are a lot of great Thai singers from dramas I've watched.

I try to binge watch an entire drama, or at least watch one movie, every weekend. Sometimes I'll watch something or start something during the week if I have enough free time.

Hope we can be friends in the future!

P.S. My current profile picture is a GIF from Slam Dance: The Series. I loved this reaction, so I decided to use it as my picture.


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