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Brighton, UK


Brighton, UK

Feel like watching something similar to: Hot Road!
Obsessions of the moment: Vanness WuMamoru Miyano, HYDE/VAMPS, VIXX & Nell.
♪☆ Hanbyul (LEDApple) Adele coverHYDE - My dear (L'Acoustic) ☆♪

HELLO:  Insomniac & Drama Marathoner. My descent into the world of Asian media started way back when in the days of Club Dorothée, probably even before that! Feel free to add me, send a message or ask me about anything; anytime... Check my MDL Feed (Avoid if you don't like spoilers) for additional crazy ramblings!

SHOWS: Shannara Chronicles, Shadowhunters, Scorpion, Elementary, Flash, Supergirl, Hawaii Five-O, Murdoch Mysteries, Riverdale, Game of Thrones, Lucifer, Stranger Things.

MUSIC: Ruelle, M83, FM-84, The Midnight, Zircon, Jillian Aversa, Dean Fujioka, Apparat, Digital Daggers, HEO, Bump of Chicken, NELL, Fauxliage, MONKEY MAJIC.

GAMES: Star Trek Online, Journey. (STEAM)

HOOKED: Not necessarily my first Drama from that country, just the ones that made me want to watch more. JDrama: Hana Yori DangoKDrama: I dipped my toes into KDramaland with You're Beautiful & City Hunter got me wanting  more. Sageuk: FaithTDrama: Devil Beside YouLakorn: Full House.

LOVES: Tokonatsu, Dramacon, Journey, Cosplay, Japanese Fashion, Trance, Funky House, Chillout, Hard Dance, KPop, JPop, T/CPop, BL, Design, Digital Photography, Gaming, Japanese Culture, East Asian Dramas, Anime, Nail Art, Emeral Green, Gothic/Fantasy Fashion, Science Fiction, Robotics, Astrophysics, Figure Skating.

DISLIKES: Sasaeng fans, Excessive Moe, fanservice over substance, close-minded people, racism, homophobia & people who try to shove their opinions down others throats.

HOW I WATCH: I have the attention span of a fish, so Dramas/Movies need to hook me in the first 10 minutes or so, otherwise I tend to drop them. I do occasionally re-visit dropped things & try to finish them. I prefer to focus on one Drama at a time as I love a good marathon. I rarely enjoy re-watching things & would rather just move on! Also I'm not into speed watching; if I do it is with extreme moderation.

HOW I RATE: My ratings are very subjective & usually based on my personal enjoyment rather than anything else. On-hold/dropped Movies/Dramas do not get rated at all. 

  • 0 = Unrated. I'm undecided on what rating to give. Some parts I thought were ok, others I hated. Or something I thought was well made but just not my thing at all. 
  • 1 to 4 = Hated a lot or most of it. Characters are annoying. Very few redeeming parts. Poor production values/acting.
  • 5 = Average. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. Something I'm likely to forget about quite quickly!
  • 6 to 7 = Entertaining; but lots of things that annoyed/bored me.
  • 8 = Pretty good with only a few moments that bored/annoyed me. 
  • 9 = Nearly perfect. Maybe just one or two things I'd change. 
  • 10 = Wouldn't change a thing.

GENRE LIKES/DISLIKES: My absolute favourite type of Drama is Reverse Harem/Flower boy with dash of romance & mystery. I also love slice of life, mystery, action, Idol, Vampires, music, youth, male friendship, bromance, noona romances, happy/clear-cut endings & story-driven plots. I usually dislike episodic Dramas, horror/anything super gory or with zombies, anything to do with time travel, bittersweet/sad/ambiguous or completely tragic endings. I don't mind sad or very serious moments though. There are of course exceptions but usually I avoid tragedies whenever possible! I also cannot stand stories where the "bad guy" doesn't get his just-deserts or stories where everyone dies at the end; unless of course it's the bad guy dying then that's fine! I am also not particularly interested in all female cast Dramas/Movies. 

Most of my profile gifs have been randomly found on Google. If you want something removed/credited just let me know.
★  MAL
"Hana Yori Dango is Japanese HEROIN. If you start watching it, you will end up in a downward spiral of never ending Asian television and boy bands." aliaspiral

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