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Cheating Men Must Die chinese drama review
Cheating Men Must Die
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by PeeWee69
Nov 14, 2022
24 of 24 episodes seen
Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 3.0

Ok mini-show with an intersting twist

This is an ok mini-show. The storyline is interesting since an active author is introduced making things extra challenging for the FL.
Character wise we have this strong and clever FL who is supposed to complete her mission and set things back on track. ML is also strong and this time there is a twist surrounding his character. It’s actually intriguing. Sadly the short format kind of ruins things a bit because the story lacks explanation and it’s a bit confusing,
Acting wise this is good but not great. Some of the scenes seem created only to showcase the two main actors.
This show by the same leading actors and actress is the one that’s the least interesting.
Anyway, if you have some time to spare and like mini-shows, this is an ok watch.
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