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Welcome to my profile!
My nickname means HEN in my italian dialect, my hobbies are k-drama, books and videogames.

My journey in dramaland began thanks to my childhood memories. When I was a child I loved a cartoon called "KISS ME LICIA", imagine my surprise, when years later, I find out it was actually the anime "LOVE ME KNIGHT" based on manga "Ai Shite Knight" by Kaoru Tada.

Intrigued by her unfinished work "ITAZURA NA KISS" I watched the anime and suddenly I find myself teleported into dramaland with "IT STARTED WITH A KISS" and "BOYS OVER FLOWER" 

After watching different Asian drama I fall in love with korean culture and language and now I watch almost only k-drama.  

My favorite genres are romance, thriller and action but I watch basically everthing, my only rule is that genres must be well mixed together into a  well written plot. 
Ho aperto un sito italiano dedicato ai kdrama, se vuoi condividere la tua passione seguimi su: 

What I hate about dramaland:

  1. When they try to fit  too many genres into a plot, cause it always end up in a mess
  2. When they sell off a drama as something but turn out to be something else, like they start as a fantasy and turn out to be just a legal/romance or they start as a light romance and turn out to be a strong melodrama
  3. For the romance genre, when the plot focus only on the cuteness of the couple and forget there is a plot to develop as well
  4. When more than half of the movie is about nothing and then they use the last 20 minutes to tell the whole story and wrap up. 

What I love about dramaland:

  1. One season format, the idea that the story I am about to watch will have an end, proper or not, it's a relif for my old mind, but I don't mind further season if the drama deserve it
  2. Language, I fell in love with asian language in particular with korean
  3. OPPA, I may be too old to call most of them oppa but I definitely don't mind the fact that most of the male actors are hot gorgeous.
  4. day dreaming, dramas allow me to dream like when I am reading a book 

Clichés: I have a love/hate relationship with them, I know they are often necessary for the plot's sake, I don't mind them most of the time, but if they exaggerate with it or they are too much ridiculous, they piss me off. 

I like more tragedy than silly/cute romance, I tolerate melodrama only if they are more torwards the tragedy, if they are only sad they are just boring to me. I like more mature content than youth/teenage romance, unless is a drama set in a school, which I consider it a different genre, but I still hate it if it's silly.

Even if my brain knows that assholes are not the right men to pick, my heart can't stop to falling in love with brooding, arrogant, asshole ML on dramas. I am also certified as a patient with SLS

I like more thriller about serial killer and investigation with a bit of action in it, than psychological thriller. For the action I like more when gangstern and police are involved but I watch basically everything, the important thing is that there is a story to follow and not just meaningless action scenes.

  • School: I don't mind them, being a romance or about bullying, provided they are not silly.
  • Sageuk: I like them but I can't follow the one that are too heavy, I also don't like when they are too much fiction.
  • Makjang: I like them only if they don't exaggerate like  soap opera style.  I hate when they use makjang elements to fill the plot in other genre. Revenge is my favorite topic.
  • Other: I don't like wuxia, I love e-sport/gaming, I like some lakorns, but often they are just too dramatic for my taste. 

My Rating System: 
My Review System:
10  perfect | plot and characters well written and well portrayed by the cast.

9  almost perfect | same as above but with minor errors or missing elements.

8  great | plot and characters were great but something major was missing, or there was a big error, or they mess up the ending.

7  very good | main idea of the plot was good but not perfectly executed, had potential to do much more. 

6  enjoyable | the show has good elements but overall is average material. 

5  waste of time/skippable | the show start off good but turn out to be a big disappointment, they ruin one or more elements like plot, characters or ending. Or the show was a mess since from the beginning, unbalanced and or rushed. 

1-4 aweful | why they produce this in the first place? 

How was the plot?
How were the characters?
Was the drama innovative or copycat?
Was the cast fit for their respective roles? If not, the problem was the role or the acting? 
Was there a peculiar role or acting performance?
How many clichés they used?
Was the plot mainly generated thanks to clichés?
How many genres they try to fit in?
Was I in the right mood for this drama or not?
Did I fast forward?
Do I remember the OST?

* Starting a discussion criticizing the opinion of others is a toxic way of expressing one's opinion, and  certainly it's not the best way to try to establish an exchange of views **
Being a "public" site you are free to comment on my posts with your opinion, which may also differ from mine. If you express your opinion explaining the reasons why you think otherwise, you will be given a polite and constructive answer, if instead you express your opinion for the sole purpose of taking apart and criticizing mine, assuming that you are on the right side of reason, no answer will be given to you and you will be blocked immediately. I have no time to waste in useless discussions.


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