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Hello, I'm Italian, I'm addict to K-drama, e-books and videogames, I'm studying Korean (basic level) and English (pre-intermediate).

My obsession with K-dramaland started thanks to sweet memories of my childhood.

When I was child, in Italy aired a cartoon called "KISS ME LICIA", back at the time I had no idea of the existence of Asian world (manga, anime and drama), imagine my surprise when years later, searching on google the cartoon that I loved so much as a young girl, I discovered it was in reality the anime "LOVE ME KNIGHT" based on manga "Ai shite Knight" by Kaoru Tada.


Intrigued by her unfinished work "ITAZURA NA KISS" I watched the anime, and I was so impressed that I began to search on internet more about it, discovering instead the Taiwanese drama version "IT STARTED WITH A KISS" from there I obviously ending up to watch "BOYS OVER FLOWER" my first k-drama.


Since then I completely abandoned Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese drama. I know some of them are really good, but I have no time to watch everything and I like Korean version too much 

No matter what kind of genres, Action, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Crime, Thriller, Slice of lice, Tragic Love, Dark revenge, or what kind of type, makjang, sageuk....  The important thing is that the various genres must be well mixed together with a solid well written plot. 

If I really have to choose, I think love tragedies are my favorite, but I'm moody so it really depends on how I wake up in the morning ;) 


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