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Golden Slumber korean movie review
Golden Slumber
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by PrashastSingh
Mar 26, 2018
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Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 7.0

- The action sequences are exciting and delightful to watch.
- Some thrills in the beginning are induced quite well, while some simply won't work if you've seen the trailer.
- The film's running time is decent; it's not stretched too long.
- Gang Dong-won delivers a decent act, and so do others.
- Some emotional scenes work in the second half.
- Technically, the film is a pure gem. The visual effects and cinematography have been handled very adequately.


- The film loses momentum after a big action sequence and this is exactly where some inconsistency shows up.
- The direction is not totally up to the mark: while the first half is excellently sketched, the second one looks slightly underdeveloped. Fortunately, the film picks up momentum at a high point, thanks to the action once again.
- The character development of Gang Dong-won's character is not good in the second half. Some changes seem way too abrupt and may not go down well with all.
- The inducement of some dramatic subplots at peak moments slows down the pace of the movie.

Repeat value: Only for the action sequences .

I had too many expectations because of the film being visually catchy and action packed. But GOLDEN SLUMBER is nevertheless an engaging action thriller which keeps you engaged for the most part. It stays true to its genre and that's good enough.
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