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Happy End korean movie review
Happy End
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by PrettyCarEye
May 4, 2013
Completed 3
Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
The cheating spouse theme has been done to death in Korean romantic drama films, but this movie is notable for putting the proverbial shoe on the other foot. Instead of the unrepentant, philandering husband it's the woman who cheats, and the man, a dedicated family guy and doting father, is left to pick up the pieces. As with every drama that deals with cheating you feel bad for the person being wronged. The ever popular Choi Min-sik, of Oldboy & I Saw the Devil fame, delivers a solid performance as the scorned, emasculated house husband. The juxtaposition of gender specific traits in his character, nurturing femininity vs aggressive masculinity, was particularly well played in my opinion. It shows how, in the heat of passion, one can really act against type. The reversal of stereotypical gender roles, especially in a strongly patriarchal society like South Korea, is always interesting to watch. I did enjoy the film, but can not score it higher than 7 because with the exception of the cheater being female, the storylines are essentially the same for pretty much every film I have seen in this genre. The movie is definitely worth a watch for Choi Min sik and reversing the role of who cheats, but don't go in expecting any clever twists. There are none.
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