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Bad Romance: The Series
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by Psychosinner

Oct 24, 2018
13 of 13 episodes seen
Overall 7.0
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 5.5
You know what Knock says Yiwah is like when she watches people getting romantic on TV and cries with the couple like she's their family? Yep. That was me watching the finale.

I'm so in love with Knock and Korn lol it's not even funny. But ok lets be honest, Bad Romance has plenty of faults and yes the whole series has plenty of inconsistencies but that's what happens when you make a single season and then start writing another one that wasn't planned. Everything changes naturally. For instance the actors are younger in Bad Romance and older in Together With Me which is a past story, but you know what that's why it's called suspension of disbelief. My advice is, of you want something fun that you don't have to take seriously watch it. If you want to experience and explore Knock and Korn's world then watch this because some of the moments just wow.

Right, so on to the review.

First off, this isn't Bad Romance it's TERRIBLE romance lol

The two main couples Yihwah and Cho and Knock and Korn are never properly without problems. One couple the girl Yiwah believes that not only is Cho the main love interest, gay but also trying to get her bestie Korns boyfriend Knock to sleep with him. The second main couple, Knock tries to make his boyfriend Korn jealous by hanging out with Cho and pretending to flirt with him. But it gets out of hand when Cho falls for Yiwah and tries to convince her he likes her but Yiwah believes Cho is gay and decides to stalk Cho and Knock to find evidence of Cho being gay with hilarious consequences.

The main lead Yihwa and her love interest Cho they made it so entertaining and also the rest of the supporting cast! Be, Dewey, Martin, Tanguy. Not going to lie the guys Knock constantly kept hanging around ugh they pissed me off lol all except Cho.

But I think that was the point of the show. To show rather dysfunctional relationships in a rom com setting.

But seriously the supporting cast especially the couples were all gorgeous too. But my favorite (aside from Knock and Korn naturally lol) was definitely Cho and Yihwah. From the first moment they meet to the end they're constantly battling.

And same goes for Knock and Korn. I know Knock was just trying to make Korn care for him in the beginning by flirting with Cho but then it escalated and suddenly everything is a total mess!

Seriously gave me anxiety lol especially when that jerk Chinook came in I was cringing so bad. But minor spoiler *when Knock and Korn have that fist fight in the second to last episode lol sorry but it was epic*

But seriously though it's a fun entertaining show with a badass heroine who doesn't wait for some Prince to solve her problems. Yiwah is loyal, extremely arrogant and entitled but in a cute way. Cho is the guy who gets mistaken for a heartless playboy type but turns out to be a really sentimental and caring guy.

Knock appears to be someone who is flirtatious and uncaring but inside he's a total mess and ends up regretting his own mistakes and truly loves Korn but has a hard time saying it because of his own insecurities.

Korn appears to be a people pleaser type everyone likes who looks like he has his shit together but in truth not having Knock is driving him crazy.

It's always entertaining always fun!

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