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Swing Kids
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by Psychosinner

6 days ago
Overall 9.0
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 9.5
This movie started out a bit strange so I was expecting a disaster but in no time the plot kicked in and then just whoa! This is the kind of movie that gets to the bottom of the human psyche, of the mechanics of war, and how riled up armies don't "win" ANYTHING but a false sense of power. Wars happen because we stop seeing the other person as a human being. And when that happens false ideologies are used by cunning, greedy, power-hungry masters to drive the rest into a prison that only looks like freedom. War casualties are not power, dead bodies are not strength, and torn nations are not trophies. It's just a few people at the top using these cruelties to get what they want. That's the message of this film. Yes, it's a tragedy. Yes, the dark humor is always grotesquely funny because humanity survives even war and plague. As for the rest of the stuff, like I said beginning is a bit wonky but just stick with it. All the actors did a good job. All the characters were fighting their own fights. DOs dancing... Just wow. This was probably one of the best things to cast an EXO member. So, absolutely watch this movie.
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