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One Spring Night
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by Psychosinner

6 days ago
32 of 32 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 2.0
Started out so well, and then the main conflict gets resolved around the half way mark and the drama loses it way, and gets buried in cliché. The will they or won't they is the most integral part of any rebound romance story and if you take that conflict out, it's hard to sustain a story for the length of so many episodes. And you can hate me for it, Jung Hae In is GORGEOUS but he wasn't convincing at all when he was supposed to show sadness, like otherwise he was fine, but a lot of actors, are not great at everything but they are great at showing sadness which for a show like this and for kdrama in general was very much needed.

Maybe because of this and the lack of real conflict in the second half I ended up not buying their relationship AT ALL and both the characters seemed to feel unfinished and not well thought out. Acting wise though the rest of the cast was really doing well and you know there's something wrong with a drama when I was honestly siding with the ex lol seriously the two son in laws should have just hooked up they were so good together. Seriously, I really got involved in the other sisters story a lot more. And the sociopathic son in law from hell the actor was so good and all the actors who played the sisters same, I liked both the sisters! Especially the youngest, she was badass.

The problem with a story about cheating couples is if you don't have characters who are conflicted about their emotions and they show some emotion for the ex is what makes the character a worthy protagonist for a romance. If they say they have no feelings for someone they were with for four years not only do they sound self serving but you also are unable to believe they will be any different in the new relationship. Like you waited till you had a hot guy with a stable job to leave someone you claim you didn't have feelings for yet you were sleeping with them? And saying you'll get married, I mean the guy didn't even do anything besides 'not give her enough time' when he was in a business meeting! ! Is she going to resent the new guy when he cancels on her because he was working?

I mean I did not buy she was going to continue to be 'selfless' long term with the new guy it's just a matter of time.

Another thing that also became annoying was the fact that the perceived 'villain' in the story, the ex, was the not really evil and the stunts he pulled become so lame you're left watching a boring story because look the villain actually has to win at something to be a convincing villain! Lol here none of the 'villains' or the antagonists were actually scary and everything got resolved through a single conversation, lol literally, like that's why I was so bored.

That said I did enjoy it but mostly because Jung Hae In is GORGEOUS and I liked the cast, the ex even I felt bad for him.
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