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Massachusetts, USA


Massachusetts, USA

Things I like in a drama:

- views of everyday life (families eating breakfast, public school, setting the table, getting a haircut)

-views of different regions, travel abroad, country life

-tropes/practices not present in American shows (coworkers deciding where to eat, calling in-laws by family names, grandma getting fortunes read)

-all the ways to flirt (bringing partner to work, making bento boxes, indirect kisses)

-the hidden lives of introvert characters

-spotting easter eggs, product placements, familiar settings, and PSAs (is it just me or has the Taiwanese Department of Public Health done a bang up job with seatbelts and designated drivers?)

-turning tropes on their heads (Bromance, Strong Girl Bong Soon)

-that moment when the male lead exhales while breaking into a smile

-great chemistry, smitten characters, banter, and affection

-men with healthy emotional ranges (Bromance, Perfect Match)

- Happy endings and personal growth for everyone

- Rehearsing confessions in the mirror

- Multiple couples getting together by the end

- Spending lots of time with couple after they get together (Love, Now)

- The good guys winning

- Steamy kisses

- Healthy relationships for everyone, loving friends and family

-...and  why on earth am I such a sucker for couples comforting each other through phobias and flashbacks?

Things I don't like in a drama:

-fat shaming

- dumb female characters

- physical humor, crude humor

- Sad endings

- Jerks

- Unhealthy relationship dynamics portrayed as romantic

- Forced kisses

- super slow-motion kisses

- unexplained/vague illnesses (Bromance)

- plot holes

- Too much suspense

- Too many setbacks for the leads

- Breaking up towards the end of the show to get back together at the last second

- Dark subplots or violence


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