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Bio list of contents

  1.  basic info
  2. fav genres and tags
  3. least fav genres 
  4. Ranking system 
  5. fav shows
  6. fav drama characters 
  7. Favourite  actors
  8. Kpop ult groups + biases


Currently caught a virus so I’m even more in a binge watching mood hehe

  • im a big fan of Thai and Korean dramas sometimes might watch a Japanese drama 
  • im also a kpop fan
  • Born in 2003
  • autistic  {so please be kind if I miss read your tone it’s even harder for me to understand without voice/facial cues}
  • aroace 
  • i really hate spoilers
  • Australian
  • Can you tell I’m obsessed with Kwak Dong yeon
  • My favourite Colours are pink, yellow and green 
  • im kind of fussy with what shows i watch (i get bored easily)


Favorite genres: Crime, Thriller, horror, drama, psychological, well done zombie concepts, death game typa stuff (idk the genre name)

Favorite tags: murder, serial killer, strong female lead ,cult, character development, LGBTQ+, murder investigation, unreliable narrator, gore, detective, psychological manipulation, opposites attract, bromance, found family

Least favorite genres: Historical, sci-fi,  cheesy paranormal , a romance based show that has a boring side plot (I’ll watch one occasionally if I feel like an easy show to watch)


Ranking system :)

0-3.5 stars bad, very bad
4-5.5  starsnot bad but not good 
6- 6.5 starsnot bad but not amazing
7-8 starsenjoyable enough. pretty good
8.5 - 9very much enjoyable.  very good but not quite top tier.. so very close
9.5 -10my faves, top tier, the best


fav shows :

Strangers from hell 

Alice in borderland

Bad and Crazy


mad for each other 

honorable mentions: girl from nowhere, manner of death, hellbound, save me


fav drama characters:

Hanseo - Vincenzo (my fav)

Nanaka - Million yen womenSun Ae - Oh my ghostess

Min Kyung - Mad for each otherKuina- Alice in borderland

Ryu Soo Yeol - Bad and Crazy

yoon sae bom - Happiness

jiyeong - squid game

seokyoon - strangers from hell


Favourite actors/actresses:

Korean - Kwak dong yeon and lee dong wook

Thai - max + tul

and kitty


Ult Kpop groups + biases :

Ateez - hongjoong and san Dreamcatcher - GahyeonA.c.e- Sehyoon (my ult biases)Gidle - Soyeon


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