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비의 드라마 목록 -  RAIN's Drama-List

I'm a big fan of  비 ...  his music, his performances as an actor and his whole life ...

He has my utmost respect! That is why I have chosen this nick.

My name is Veronica, I've worked in the Tourist Industry and I am from Neuss / Germany.
My 10 year old daughter and I are hot-blooded drama and K-pop fans.
We hear most of the day (sometimes very loud) music videos, and in the evening nearly always a drama.

I'm very interested in foreign Cultures (especiallyAsian(Korean & Japanese), their LifeStyle, the History,
Music, Food & Drinks (I'm a very good Asian Cook).

My biggest Dream/Wish:

When I am old (58 or 60) and my daughter is grown up, I'm going to fulfill my greatest wish. I emigrate to Korea. Then I will settle down in a small two-room house (close to Busan) and turning my eyes towards Japans Coast, spending my evenings at the sea with painting and reading.

That's why I'm learning Korean/Hangeul :D I'm not Crazy, I'm a Dreamer...... maybe..... maybe not?!!! ;o)

My favorite Drama-Pages are: (german)* (multilingual)** maybe have to use FreeHideIP!(googeln) ;)

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