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Joker Yurusarezaru Sousakan japanese drama review
Joker Yurusarezaru Sousakan
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by Regan12
Aug 19, 2011
10 of 10 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
Still going through my N. Ryo phase so naturally I came across Joker. And all through the show the word Amazing seemed to fit just right. The storyline, the flow...the characters...the detectives...the mourning relatives...the actual BRUTALITY of the crime...It was all very well done.

Right off the bat I was enticed by the disclaimer,

"This drama is fictional. All resemblances to actual people, places or events are purely coincidental. Or you may choose to take this as purely a made up story or try to grasp an understanding of the darkness these days."

A simple but perfect set up for how brutal each episode is, not just the individual crimes but the overlaying story. Most drama's make a scene just brutal in its initial appearance. In Joker, where the first look at the murder victims might not be all that horrible, as they are carefully investigated you develop a deeper conviction that what they get - even though its not legal - is what they deserve. (Sort of brings out the worst in all of us, maybe.)

The cast is amazing. There's humor that fits in well with each characters lives, there's drama, and realistically dark content. If your not a seasoned murder detective drama watcher, you might get a little queasy. So be careful.

Finally I would like to make a point to say that, where this drama isn't unpredictable it does a great job at making you want to contradict your initial theories. Towards the end you will know what's coming BUT you will constantly try to talk yourself out of it.

So..."You want murder, destruction and revenge all tied in with remarkable characters and the barest traces of humor? Well, by golly, you've found your drama.. "
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