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Stars Falling From the Sky korean drama review
Stars Falling From the Sky
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by RichRider
Aug 16, 2013
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Overall 6.0
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Stars Falling from the Sky is a drama I just recently finished watching and it is one of those dramas that started off with something good, ended with disappointment, and no real closure for certain characters. As I like to do with my reviews, I'll start off with the main characters. We have Jin Pal Gang. She starts off as a frivolous woman who works only to buy designer bags and clothing. To be frank, she just doesn't care about anything else and has been fixated on a man named Won Kang Ha (our male lead) for the past 5 years. Her home life is rowdy as she lives with her parents and FIVE adoptive siblings. Each of them, starting with Pal Gang, is named after a color. Pal Gang (Red), Ju Hwang (Orange), Norang (Yellow), Cho Rok (Green), Parang (Blue), and the baby Nami (Indigo). Pal Gang is an insurance agent and is the lowest performer in the nation... I wonder why? As was stated above she doesn't really care much about improving herself and only goes to work to pick up a paycheck and spend it all in one day. But here is where her character changes for the better. After her parents tragically die in a car accident, Pal Gang is forced to grow up and mature REAL fast. After being forced out of her home with her five siblings, their only choice is to roam the streets and search for places to stay with the little money they have left. Pal Gang, to me, is probably one of the most admirable characters in the drama. She could have dumped all of her siblings in an orphanage and live her life however she wanted. But she doesn't. Probably one of the most touching scenes in the drama is when she starts to cut off her hair in a public bathroom and says to herself "You're no longer a woman. You're a mother now." And she sticks to that and becomes a real elder sister/mother to the five kids. Here we go to Won Kang Ha. You're not gonna like him at all in the beginning. He's a jerk. Kang Ha works in the same company as Pal Gang as an insurance lawyer. One thing you'll notice right away is that he's very cold hearted towards women and you'll see the reason why later on in the drama. The only person he loves and cares for is his younger brother Joon Ha even though he doesn't show it and seems distant towards him. Kang Ha is a man with many past emotional scars he keeps hidden. He puts up a barrier in front of everyone he comes across which pretty much says "Leave me alone". Kang Ha is forced to be social and accepting when Pal Gang comes along to work as a maid in his house along with her five siblings. At first, they are hidden from him but of course he finds out. At first, he's ready to throw them out of his house believing that he is actually doing them a service by not giving Pal Gang and the others false hope. Kang Ha does grow a lot as a character and the tension in the atmosphere he gives off eventually goes away. The real highlight of the drama, at least for myself, was the unexpected friendship between Kang Ha and the little boy Parang. I found Parang to be quite a nuisance in the beginning with his bathroom issues and sleepwalking problems but the kid grew on me and maybe he'll grow on you too. Out of the five siblings, Parang is the only one that calls out Kang Ha on his BS. He tears down the man's anti-social, emotionally scarred barriers. Most people like to dismiss young kids as being naive and dumb. But just like elder people, kids can tell when someone is hiding their true feelings and being stubborn about it. The supporting characters were somewhat interesting. Joon Ha will have you confused about his true feelings. Tae Gyu (the nephew of Kang Ha and Joon Ha) will offer a lot of laughs with his antics but nevertheless he's a guy with a pure heart. And then Jae Young will have you frustrated and annoyed with her obsession/infatuation with Kang Ha. The romance between Kang Ha and Pal Gang, I hate to say, was disappointing. Even though the two did share some hostile, funny, and touching moments, I was left disappointed. Why? Because of the many subplots that were honestly unnecessary. A murder mystery, hitman, gangsters... why? The drama would've been a thousand times better if it stuck to developing the romance more and the whole family dynamic that was going on. Also, because of those unnecessary subplots there were some characters that were not given proper closure and left you wondering what happened to them. Then comes the cliche ending. You know that cliche ending, right? The one where the writers believe that jumping ahead 500 years later will solve all of the problems within the story instead of changing certain situations within the plot or just not adding those situations to begin with. Overall, I'd say the drama suffered with the writers trying to cram in too many situations in 20 episodes. There were at least 3-5 different ways this drama could've been written but its water under the bridge. To be fair, I did enjoy the friendship between Kang Ha and Parang as well as Pal Gang's change from a frivolous woman to assuming the role of an elder sister/mother. Give the drama a shot if you wish. Maybe you'll find something you liked about it that I didn't. Hope you enjoyed this review!
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