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I enjoy watching drama from Hongkong, China, Taiwan and Korea and very rarely thai drama :P

I love romance drama and it will be my top priority to choose a drama to watch first.

once a while I would switch to actions, historical, mystery drama to wear off my after effect of a romance :p

Do feel free to text me or ask me about a drama that I watched or reviewed for more details.

Cheers! enjoy watching!! ^_^

My rating means :-

10 = Do NOT miss!!

9 = worth to marathon 

8 = Must watch

7 = can watch

6 = watchable if you are bored

5 = Neutral


My first Kdrama : Goong

My fav school drama : Boys Over Flowers (contemplating with Heartstrings and The Heirs)

My fav action drama : Cruel City (contemplating with City Hunter)

My fav rom-com drama : Boss & Me ( contemplating with Healer)

My fav romantic drama : I Need Romance Series...

My fav historical drama : The Legend of Lu Zhen (contemplating with Empress Ki)

My fav time-travel drama : Nine Times Time Travel (contemplating VERY LONG with Queen in Hyun's Man)

My fav melodrama : Maybe Innocent Man??!! or Missing You??!! - (I don't like sad stories although it may or may not have a good ending) SKIP!! - no fav - me no like sad things :(

My fav spiritual/fantasy/vampire drama : 49 days (contemplating very much with Vampire Prosecutor)

My fav gangster drama : Cruel Romance or Lady & Liar??!! (pondering - update soon ^_^)

My first top crush actor : Lee Min Ho (although I have plenty now - haha)


My 'don't like' list :-

Peter Ho (Taiwan) - Dunno why, just dun like his face and acting, dun click at all (opps :P)

Rainie Yang (Taiwan) - Above reason

Cha Seung Won (Korea) - above reason

Rain, Joon Ji Hoon (korea) - above reason

Jang Geum Suk (Korea) - above reason

Godfrey Gao (Taiwan) - above reason

Ella (SHE Taiwan group) - above reason

Proclaim : I don't necessary dislike them, just don't seems to like their acting and will not choose to watch their drama....Bi Ann Nei (korea 'sorry') & Dui Bu Qi (Chinese 'sorry) to the fans out there. ^_^


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