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How my drama life started.....

hey! I'm Reiko. I've started watching dramas since the end of 2014.......I think. It first started off because I saw my dad watching something called "playful kiss" so I was like......this is pretty good then I decided to go online and search it up to watch and DAMNNN......I stepping on a trap and can't excape. Ever since then, I've been watching Korean dramas everyday, every night. Then I started watch Chinese, Taiwan and Thailand dramas. *sigh. Which is horrible. Because I never get my hw done now. But least it's WORTH IT!!!! Don't u other drama fans out there agree????? If you do.....I don't mind being ur friend.

My idol

Ok. Let's now talk about MY IDOL. ????????????????. I love......PARK BO GUM. So anyone else who likes him...... BACK OFF!!!! HES MINE!!!!!???????????????? Okey?????? Then we can be friends. Ever since I started watching kdrama, I didn't have a specific actor I liked. Whenever people asked me 'whose your fav actor?' Idk how to answer. Then one day, I was scrolling down my fb page and saw all these news about PBG so I started searching him up and looking at photos at him and *sigh I stepped on another trap and fell for him. I think it happened while I was looking at his images and I was like '???????????????? this guys handsome' lol????????. Yea. I think that's right. I was watching 'love in the moonlight' too. Which made me fell in love with him even more. So guys......please don't take him away from me. I mean......DONT TAKE HIM AWAY. Or you're....DEAD????????????????


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