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Welcome to my page! ^^

There are a lot of dramas and movies I have watched, but couldn't find in this site, so I write them here instead:

~Mainland Chinese dramas~
Dali Princess (大理公主)  
Eight Charts (八阵图)  
Embroiderer Lan Xin (绣娘兰馨)  
Female Constables (带刀女捕快)    
Huang Gong Bao Bei (皇宫宝贝)  
Kangxi Dynasty (康熙大帝)  
Loving the Tigress from River East (我爱河东狮)  
Mama, Love Me Again Please (谁怜天下慈母心)  
Nation First (江山为重)  
Nu Ren Hua (女人花)  
Paradise (水月洞天)
Pretty Pearl (大珍珠)  
Princess Enuo (婀娜公主)  
Princess Zang Ci  
Shun Niang (顺娘)  
Sigh of His Highness (一生為奴)  
Song of Everlasting Sorrow (长恨歌)  
Tales of the Legate  
The Legend of Meng Li Jun (再生緣)  
The Qin Emperor Li Shi Min (秦王李世民)  
The Tearful Sword (泪痕剑)  
The Young Kang Xi (少年康熙)  
The Young Tian Zi (少年天子)  
Wrongfully Accused  
Xi Shi  
Yu Qian Si Bao (御前四宝)  
Zhou Xuan (周璇)

~Hong Kong dramas~
A Matter of Business (千里姻緣兜錯圈)
Armed Reaction II (陀槍師姐II)
Armed Reaction III (陀槍師姐III)
Armed Reaction IV (陀槍師姐IV)
CIB Files (刑事情報科)
Crepe Queen (燒餅皇后)
Fight for Love (談談情·練練武)
Files of Justice V (壹號皇庭)
Man of Wisdom (金牙大狀)
One Upon a Time in Shanghai (新上海灘)
The Awakening Story (婚前昏後)
The Building Blocks of Life (建築有情天)  
The Link (天倫)
The Stamp of Love (肥婆奶奶扭計媳)
The Unexpected (一切從失蹤開始)
Time Off (明天不一樣)
Unnatural Born Killer (十三密殺令)
Untraceable Evidence I (鑑證實錄I)  
Untraceable Evidence II (鑑證實錄II)
War and Remembrance (乾隆大帝) 

~Taiwanese dramas~
Happy Flying Dragon I (欢喜游龙I)
Happy Flying Dragon II (欢喜游龙II)
Happy Flying Dragon III (欢喜游龙III)
Qing Long Hao Han (青龙好汉)
Secret Murder, Amazing Cases (拍案惊奇)
The Princess and the King

~Mainland Chinese movies~
The Forbidder Kingdom

~Hong Kong movies~
24 Hours Ghost Story
Happy Ghost II
Haunted Mansion
Ninth Happiness
The Mirror
Troublesome Night 6
Womb Ghosts
Wu Yen

So it means I have watched 253 dramas and 49 movies.


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66 movies

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