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My first japanese movie : "Love Collage" 

My first japanese drama : "Q10"


My first korean movie : "Always"

My first korean drama : "The Heirs"


My first chinese movie : "Farewell, my concubine"

My first chinese drama : "When a snail falls in love"


My first thai drama : "U-Prince Series - Single Lawyer"


Rewatched : "Buzzer Beat"


                           "No breathing"

                           "Cinderella & the four knights"

                           "Doctor Stranger"



My favourite characters for all time


~Seo Jung Ho ("Healer")

~Lee Joon Ho ("Prison playbook")

~Joon Hyeong ("Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo")

~Min ("I remember you")

~San ("Vampire detective")

~Kang Chul ("W-Two Worlds")

~Hyun Woo ("Blood")


~Gyeo Wool ("Vampire detective")

~Oh Yeon Joo ("W-Two Worlds")

~Kim Bok Joo ("Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo")

My favourite OTPs:

~Seo Jung Ho & Chae Young Shin ("Healer")

~Joon Hyeong & Kim Bok Joo ("Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo")

~Seong Min & Ji Won ("Age of youth")

~Na Moo & Nak Won ("Come and hug me")

~Hyun Tae Woon & Ra Eun Ho ("School 2017")

~Kang Chul & Oh Yeon Joo ("W-Two worlds")

~Kim Woo Jin & Han Jung Yeon ("Circle-Two worlds connected")

~Ko Dong Man & Choi Ae Ra ("Fight for my way")

My ult kpop band i stan and love and listen to:

- ♥ GOT7 ♥ (Bias: Mark. My L.A Gangster, soup addict and white chocolate twin brother :* <3 Bias wrecker: BamBam) -My favourite rap line of all time --> Mark, BamBam and Jackson aka Amerithaikong aka the three foreigners who rule my world. 

Favourite Songs: I really love all Songs from them, but if I have to choose it would be 'Mayday' (one of the best kpop Songs of all time), 'Face', 'Thank you', 'The Reason', 'Dreamin', 'My home' and 'OMW'

Favourite Albums: 'Flight log: Turbulence', '7 for 7', 'Eyes On You' , 'Present: You' and 'Spinning Top: Between security and insecurity'


Webtoons i read:

-Dr. Frost (Completed. And i loved everything about it, it has such an unique plot with loveable characters and psychological cases i'm sure everyone can relate with at least one of them. It also helped me a lot to realize my own fears and struggles and to understand myself better. I'm glad i stumbled upon it.)

-Ecstasy hearts (Completed. Have to admit, it was a whole mess. But a mess I enjoyed regardless and the end made everything worth it, actually. I'm going to believe that this was a happy ending, yup. So don't touch me.)

-Where Tangents meet (Completed. Damn that was such a sweet and easy to read story. Short, but in fact i prefer short ones with a nice ending more than long ones which don't seem to end, and this one had everything including a satisfying ending. I could even relate, kkk. Really loved it.)

-Orange marmalade (Completed. This was such a nice rollercoaster of emotions with cute characters and a happy ending everyone in this story really deserved. I loved the journey this one let me experience. A must-read.)

-unTouchable (Completed. Such a sweet story with a matured look at what "Love" is about, told from a strong female and male character who found their way through all this mess, it was kind of inspiring for me, too. I especially liked the idea of Vampires adapting to the modern world. Worth the time.)

-Your letter (Completed. I have to say, this was one of the sweetest webtoons ever, it was extremely short, but it still had everything what could satisfy my heart, most of all: Friendship. I just loved it. Period.)

-Days of Hana (Completed. That one turned midway from innocent to dark and brutal really fast, but I liked it. It's the same author from 'Orange marmalade' and it shows because he also had some lowkey criticism against society here and how they deal with everyone who's different than them. Totally enjoyed this one, too.)

-Age matters (Currently Ep. 73 - Ongoing.)

-Cheese in the trap (Currently Season 4 Ep. 60 - Ongoing)

-Black Horda (Currently Ep. 9 - Ongoing.)

-Pastel-colored pages (Currently Ep. 25 - Ongoing)

-True Beauty (Currently Ep. 65 - Ongoing.)

-Siren's Lament (Currently Season 2 Ep. 158 - Ongoing.)

-Love n life (Currently Ep. 22 - Ongoing.)

-Spirit Fingers (Currently Ep. 6 - Ongoing.)

-Glacias (Currently Ep. 115 - Ongoing.)

-Four Quarters (Currently Ep. 72 - Ongoing.)

-Rebirth (Currently Ep. 71 - Ongoing.)

-Fragmented (Currently Ep. 21 - Ongoing.)



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