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Hi, I’m Sass. I’m your typical K-drama (and sometimes C-drama and J-drama, and recently Thai drama) addict, trying to escape reality by watching dramas for hours non-stop as far as my bloodshot and sleep-deprived eyes would let me. 


Strong female lead - Someone who is smart and can hold her own (bonus if she has some fighting skills).  Not those weak and stupid girls who cry all the time and who don’t do anything but wait for the male lead to come save them. 

Male lead falling in love with the female lead first -  I want the guy to do the chasing, not the other way around. 

No cheating -  I am an incredibly jealous person by nature, so I really hate it when the guy pays attention or is being sweet to other girls than the female lead - it may just be a simple flirty remark, or a touch, but I still hate it. Also, I love watching dramas with love triangles (2 guys liking the same girl), and I love to see another guy showing interest to the female lead. I just sometimes want to see the jealous/possessive side of the main guy, but there shouldn’t be any cheating on the part of the girl to be fair.

Hot guys - LOTS OF HOT GUYS!!! Who doesn’t want some eyecandy? 

Happy ending - I want all my babies to be happy. So before watching a drama, I always try to find out first if the ending is going to be tragic or open-ended, to set my expectation. If it’s super tragic, then I might pass.


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