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Hate-watching: Enjoying the Frustration
Editorials - Jan 2, 2022

A dive into a world known as hate-watching from the perspective of hate-watchers and people who don't engage in this activity.

Resurrecting Dramas - Second Chance Project
Editorials - Jun 17, 2021

As an impulsive dropper, I have decided to go on an ambitious journey through my dropped dramas and give these titles a second chance. How exactly does this work? Find out for yourself!

My Journey to Writing Reviews
Editorials - Jan 8, 2021

Want to write reviews, but there is something blocking you? Been there, done that. After a year of gaining experience, I decided to write down some tips that might be useful for folks that are thinking about becoming reviewers themselves.

Most Horrible Horror Titles
Editorials - Oct 29, 2020

The most terrifyingly horrible horror titles we have watched in Asian Dramaland.

Stages of Dropping Dramas
Editorials - Jul 25, 2020

The four stages of how I learned to drop dramas and not feel guilty about it. How I went from being an enthusiastic baby to my 2nd chance project.

Meet the Reviewers of MDL
Interviews - May 13, 2020

An interview with eight MDL reviewers which you definitely need to check out!

Currently Watching: Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2
Drama Recaps - Jan 23, 2020

Teacher Kim is back, bringing our beloved characters and new crew members on a fresh, exciting medical journey in Doldam Hospital. Here are a few reasons why it's worth checking out Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2.

[SPOILER!] Extraordinary You: Ending from a Different Perspective
Editorials - Nov 28, 2019

When in stories the main characters end up together, we are led to believe it's a fairy tale ending that will make everyone happy, but is it always the case? What if the end is just yet another beginning, and what the future holds is unknown and scary?