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Hello there people,

it took me quite a long time to make something like an introduction and the only thing you actually need to know about me is that I love Asia and everything that has to do with it!...but especially Korea!!!

When I was young I started watching animes and over the years I got more and more addicted to asian dramas, movies and also variety shows, I also enjoy listenig to Kpop ( I don´t really have a favourite group but I think I prefer songs from the "newer" ones like BTS, Got7 and so on)

런닝맨 네 사랑!!!...

김종국 사랑해요!!!...74KEYEbL_e1e5fd_f.jpg...만나고 싶어요...

a few of my favorite actors ( can´t decide cause they change the whole time^^ and also I´ll only make a list of korean actors although i could name some more but the list would be way too long)

Lee Soo-Hyuk was the reason I had a second lead syndrome in High School King and Valid Love...

...fortunately Seo In-guk saved the situation in High School King!!!

actually i hadn´t noticed Kim Woo-bin that much before, but fell in love with him in The Heirs....

and the last second lead candidate: Ji Soo...liked him since Angry Mom loved him since Sassy Go Go!!!

Song Ji-hyo: I love love love all of her dramas and movies and her dorky, furious, crazy...acting!...Also I can´t imagine Running Man without Mong Ji!

Kim Seul-gi: Saw her the first time in Discovery of Romance then in Oh my Ghost and eventually in Splash Splash LOVE and enjoyed all of the dramas/movies! In my opinion she is a pretty awesome actress, who plays both, supporting and main roles, convincing,

So this is it so far. I could add lots of other things and people but for now I will keep it like that.

*Also I´m sorry if I made any mistakes, if that´s the case or if you have any questions feel free to contact me :)


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