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Yo, welcome to my profile !

Like everyone here, I like to watch Asian movies and dramas, and this is how I choose to watch some things and not others : 

  • I like : characters-driven drama/movie, slow-burn romance, psychological, inspirational, mystery, thriller, friendship, slice of life, social, crime, historical, learning traditional culture, time-travelling, mostly Japanese or Korean movies/dramas, really dark or light atmosphere,  comedy, politics.
  • I tend to avoid :  patriarchal set, asshole ML, stupid FL,  2D characters, "Cinderella's Syndrome", rape culture, Chinese dramas, fake strong FL, fantasy, melodrama, a ton of useless misunderstandings, tear-jerkers, immature love relationships, revengeand of course ridiculous plot and bad acting.

When things are turning to the worst, and you know it's time to drop your drama

And although I don't assume it entirely ^^, I'm weak when it comes to Japanese live-action based on shoujos (I'm a mangas/webtoons lover)...

... or gangsters tropes...

I don't watch dramas/movies because they're popular, I'd prefer to look for something quite unknown, original and with an interesting plot. When watching dramas and movies, I'm looking for emotions, reflection, and learning things.

Now, if you will excuse me, 


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