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Little Forest: Winter & Spring
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by PHope

Jun 14, 2017
Overall 5.0
Story 4.5
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 4.0
Rewatch Value 4.0
The second movie follows the same example as the first one, recipes, nature and a few story lines here and there. Of course, the scenery was beautiful in here as well, with the green forest and the white snowy landscapes creating an idyllic atmosphere, making the movie look like a moving painting. In this movie, the recipes had more meaning behind them, as they were originated not from the girl's past with her mother but rather had been triggered by a story from the past that had shaped her character now. The plot thickens with the girl interacting more with friends, co workers and potential lovers. The mother daughter relationship is here as well, but it never gets deeper than a few hints here and there for the mother's character. Finally, the ending was a bit rushed, with the conclusion seeming like it was out of the blue. So, 5 out of 5.
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