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Over the Rainbow


Over the Rainbow

Hell hath no fury like a BL fan’s scorn 

I also am an avid Kdramas/Cdramas fan with hetero couples so if I hate on your favorite series because it’s shit, don’t be assume it’s because it’s not “gay enough” you ignorant twit. 

My Ship (s) 

 The Holy Grail of BLs

  1. If you’re gay, most likely so are your friends, brothers, neighbors, co-workers and uncles. 
  2. Come out of the closet! Everyone is shipping you with the hot guy! That girl you liked? She is a BL fan. 
  3.  If you get a paper cut, scrape on your knee, cut on your lips, mosquito bite, bug bite, vampire bite, Covid, herpes, it’s ALWAYS an opportunity for gay activities. Let’s apply lots of care to that wound with tender looks and/or hospitalization . 
  4.  A sponge bath cures all illnesses  
  5. A sleepover is a must have. Let’s cuddle and pretend we’re not gay.. but then fool around. A pat on the head will trigger all gay feelings. 
  6.  If you’re in a university, forget studying. It’s all about CLUBS. Join a club, get a boyfriend!
  7. Thai BLs: Whenever there is an intimate scene, there is a guy walking around singing acapella to a ballad in between your conversations. He’s like a Gay God watching over you. 
  8. If you work in an office, your colleagues are shit, and you’re most likely overworked but don’t worry, your handsome boss is gay for you. 
  9. Therapy is not needed. You got fucked up in the head? Get a boyfriend. You got PTSD? Date a hot guy. You got depression and anxiety? .. get a sponge bath from your boyfriend. It’s a cure all combo. 


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