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HI there!  I'm Megan, mid-30s.  I've been watching dramas since around 2005.  I started with jdramas and some taiwanese dramas befoe brncing into cdramas and kdramas. Korean sageuks and Chinese wuxia,ancient and xianxia dramas are my dramas of choice, though I've been watching quite a few contemporary-set kdramas the last few years.  Sadly, I drifted away from Taiwanese and Japanese dramas when the old livejournal communites died off and subtitles got slower, but I hope to fix that sometime soon.

My list is pretty accurate as far back as 2014, and I'll be trying to add in as many as the older dramas as I can over the next few weeks, as well as movies.

As most of these were watched years ago, my rating is based on my level of enjoyment to the best of my recollection, and I might rate them differently if I first watched them now.

I also go by swordsandparasols on tumblr, and go by meganbmoore on both livejourna and dreamwidth, though those may also change to swords and parasols in the near future.


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